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Dean: Professor Victor M. Petrov, Doctor of Science




Faculty was founded in 1952 and today it includes 7 departments into its structure.  15 persons of the Faculty are members of Russian and international Academies of Science. There are 40 full professors and about 100 associate professors in the staff. The Faculty conducts co-researches, scientific and academic projects with a number of universities and companies in the USA, England, Germany, Sweden, France, Finland and other countries. The Faculty teaching staff are involved in lecturing in a number of universities in Scandiavia, Middle East and Easten Asia within the framework of various degree and non-degree programs.



The study and research content covers physical, radio physical and radio engineering directions. Researches in the sphere of surface physics and diagnostics, emission electronics, laser and quantum electronics are conducted under the first direction.


The departments of Radio physics direction carry out researches  in areas as diverse as microwave antennas, earth and water surface radiometry, radio wave introscopy and other. Radio engineering direction includes researches in spheres of telecommunication technologies, digital signal processing, analog/digital circuit design, high frequency electronics, computer network technologies.




    • Technical physics
    • Electronics and microelectronics
    • Radio engineering
    • Telecomunication



    • Electron physics
    • Optic-electronic devices and systems
    • Microelectronics and solid-state electronics
    • Radio physics and Electronics
    • Physics and optical engineering
    • Radio engineering
    • Radio electronics devices
    • Secured communication systems



Faculty of Radiophysical Science and Engineering  comprises the following 7 departments:

Radiophysics Radio Engineering & Telecommunication
Quantum Electronics Physical Electronics
Applied Physics & Optics of Solids Semiconductor Physics & Nanoelectronics
Radio Engineering for Securing Information




Russia, 195251, St.Petersburg, Polytechnicheskaya 29, Polytechnical University,

Radiophysical Science & Engineering Faculty,  2-nd University Building, room 440


Dean: Prof., Dr.  Victor M. Petrov

Phone: +7(812) 552-95-16

Fax: +7 (812) 552-95-16





29, Polytechnicheskaya st., 195251, St.Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 552-97-14 Fax: + 7 (812) 552-60-80

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